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Passo do Lontra Park Hotel is classified as one of the more traditional in the hostelry branch in Pantanal. It has personalized services and is distant 315 km from Campo Grande (capital of Mato Grosso do Sul State) . There are 18 apartments in total (double room/couple, triples, quadruple and quintuples), the chalets are inserted in the landscape, guaranteeing that you will feel totally comfortable and you will enjoy the area which is so lovely. They possess deck with trappers to the hammock, a room with table, benches, fridge, air conditioning, telephone, TV, closet and private bathroom. The whole structure is totally covered and protected against bugs. There are 04 apartments, they all are equipped of double bed, bunk bed, single beds, telephone, air conditioning and private bathroom and deck. The whole structure is totally covered and protected against bugs. Accommodations equipped with kitchens, air conditioning, roof fan, telephone and private bathroom, deck with trappers to hammock, benches and the whole structure is totally covered and protected against bugs, they are in total 06 apartments (quadruple, quintuples and sextuple). The ecological camp is located at São João Farm and its possesses a hammock area with capacity for 40 people (place where the hammocks are armed and ready), collective bathroom, kitchen, dining hall and bar. The hotel also has restaurant and snack bar. The Passo do Lontra Park Hotel offers tours like boat trips, canadian canoe, footbridge, trekking, bicycle and nocturnal observation (see more in tours section).




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Source: Passo do Lontra Park Hotel


Passo do Lontra Park Hotel
Phone/fax: 55 (67) 3231 6569

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