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The Arara Azul farm is located 88 km from Corumbá and 350 Km from Campo Grande in the Nhecolandia region considered one of the most important biodiversity concentrations of the entire Pantanal region. Its landowner does not allow hunting, burning or destruction of either the fauna or flora in the area, since animals find there a safe place to run away from the worst predator of wild life: man. Rooms: 40 double-apartments (singles or couples). All equipped with air conditioning, private bathrooms with hot shower and electrical currents with 110 volts, and a spectacular view to the lake surrounded by capoes (one of the most wonderful views of Pantanal). All accommodation is ventilated, fully protected by mosquitos nets. There is a swimming pool: A tile swimming pool with wood deck and bar service. Buffet Service with more than 20 items available. To promote the conservation of biodiversity in the Pantanal Wetlands Region, by creating and implementing conservation units, supporting low environmental impact economic activities and the implementation of sustainable development.




Source: Arara Azul Farm


Arara Azul Farm
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