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Alligator (Caiman latirostris)- Daniel de Granville
Pantanal Flooded areas -  Daniel de Granville
Wolf (Cerdocyon thous) - Christian Dalgas Frisch
Black Howler Monkey - Daniel de Granville
Giant Anteater Pantanal- Daniel de Granville
Jaguar Negro River -Daniel de Granville



The Inn Santa Clara is placed in an ecological sanctuary. Here you it will be able to observe expressivas fauna and flora, and in the way as it formed itself. It understands the direction of the complex denomination. In the field work it is important to discern the look from the vision, therefore it looks at the landscape and beyond it, thus you it will be able to perceive and really to enjoy of a true paradise, ally to one to know that it integrates the theory with the practical one, grouping knowledge its in order to construct something new. Its experience to be here is irreplaceable and you it leads for the remaining portion of the life. There are private apartments, shared apartments, refectory, redario, stove to the firewood, bar. The tours offered by Santa Clara are: raids by horseback, tirolesa, fish sport, terrestrial safari, nocturnal focalization, track, buoy cross and boat tour.


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Crédito: Divulgação Pousada Santa Clara.




Santa Clara Inn
Phone: (55) (67) 9612 3500
Estrada Parque Km 20




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