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Negro River Pantanal Landscape - Daniel de Granville
Ocelot - Leopardus pardalis - André Seale
Jaguar Negro River -Daniel de Granville
Boat tour in the Pantanal - André Seale
Jaguar - Daniel de Granville
Vitória régia do Pantanal - Daniel de Granville



The Farm Hotel Baía das Pedras is located in the Pantanal of Nhecolândia, Aquidauana District, in the heart of the Pantanal. It is 300 km from Campo Grande, the capital of South Mato Grosso. The Main House hosts up to 13 guests per time. There are 3 triple bedrooms and 2 double bedrooms. A hammlock lounge, balconies, dinning room, and tv are  part of the family´s house area and the meals are prepared in a traditional  wood burning oven. The Farm Baía das Pedras offers activities like horse back riding, canoeing, trekking, spotlight, photographic safari, tereré circle and talking.



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Baía das Pedras
+55 (67) 9912 8323 / 9912 8324
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