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Cabypara at Fazenda San Francisco - Roberta Coelho
Wolf (Cerdocyon thous) - Christian Dalgas Frisch
Jaguar Negro River -Daniel de Granville
Vitória régia do Pantanal - Daniel de Granville
Jaguar - Daniel de Granville
Boat tour in the Pantanal - André Seale



Aguapé Lodge is located in a rich area formed by typical wetland vegetation and open pastures with patches of stunted vegetation (cerrado), lakes, lowlands, pond outlets and the Aquidauana River with its exuberant gallery forest. Visitors are welcome throughout the year, during the rain or dry season. This is an excellent environment for birdwatchers (over 270 species have been listed). And more, at Aguapé the guest can wake up with the song of birds and also can milk the cows early in the morning, with the sunrise. The infra structure is based on 15 apartments with air-conditioning, ceiling fans and private bathroom with hot water (02 rooms are handicap-accessible); total capacity - 45 people; with swimming pool; meeting room (capacity = 50); sand volleyball court; hammocks area; thatched-roof kiosks to relax; quiosques; internet access. There is also an air strip for small planes, souvenir store; living room with TV; games room and restaurant. The tours offered are horsebackriding, boat tour, trekking, piranha fishing, photographic safari, nocturnal animal spotlight, horse carriage, cattle handling. (see more in tours section)


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Aguapé Lodge 
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