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Boat tour in the Pantanal - André Seale
Jaguar - Daniel de Granville
Black Howler Monkey - Daniel de Granville
Ocelot - Leopardus pardalis - André Seale
Wolf (Cerdocyon thous) - Christian Dalgas Frisch
Pantanal Flooded areas -  Daniel de Granville



Monteiros Lodge is at São Roque and São João farms in the South Matogrossense Pantanal.  The Monteiros Lodge is 220 km from the capital Campo Grande MS, 120 km tar and 100 km dirt road, access all year round for any kind of car. By road it takes about three and half hours. The transfer can also be done by a monomotor plane in 40 minutesThe Pousada dos Monterios has two main structures: At São Roque farm 3 double apartments with air conditioning, hot showers, TV room and pool. At São João farm 5 double apartments with air conditioning and hot showers, Jacuzzi. The tourist will go through a variety of Pantaneiro flora,fauna and sceneries horse riding, cayaking, 4x4 safari car, walking and boat riding from the foothill of the Maracajú range to the left margin of rio Negro. (see tours section) 







Monteiros Lodge
Phone: (55) (67) 3324 8237


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