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21/05/2016 - 11h18

Corumbá is the second destination in Brazil to join ATTA




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Following Bonito, Corumbá is the most recent destination to join the Adventure Travel Trade Association - ATTA.

The affiliation process began right after the successful first edition of the Adventure Week Brazil, in Corumbá and Bonito, last April.

The importance of the affiliation was mentioned by Hélène Fernandes, president director for the Fundtur/Pantanal: "There are associates with the main ecotourism travel operators in the world. By promoting our destination, we will be able to provide training for professionals and to attend international events promoted by ATTA", said.

According to Shannon Stowell, ATTA president, "ecotourism and adventure tourism generate 265 billion dollars a year in the world. It is a trade that combines preservation and business. But the most important is that this business protects the environment and improves the self esteem of those who want to preserve the attractions for the tourist to admire their beauties".

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