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26/06/2016 - 19h14

Pantanal is mentioned in National Geographic




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The biggest biodiversity in Brazil was mentioned in National Geographic magazine. Part national park, part UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pantanal is the world`s largest tropical wetland, covering over 70,000 square miles in the center of South America.

"But the local fauna isn`t limited to birdlife. Some of the Pantanal`s most lively inhabitants include jaguars, giant anteaters, piranha, howler and capuchin monkeys, and green anacondas-the world`s largest snakes, which prowl swamps and lazy rivers in search of wild pigs, deer, and other prey", writes Avery Stonich, a freelance writer based in Boulder, Colorado, who has traveled to more than 45 countries in search of adventure.

Avery visited the Pantanal in April, during the flooded season. She went to Corumbá and had a boat ride through the Paraguay River. The variety of the fauna and flora inspired the title of the article: "Brazil`s Best Kept Secret: The Pantanal".

Click here and check out the article.

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