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Pantanal Flooded areas -  Daniel de Granville
Alligator (Caiman latirostris)- Daniel de Granville
Toucan - André Seale
Boat tour in the Pantanal - André Seale
Cabypara at Fazenda San Francisco - Roberta Coelho
Jaguar - Daniel de Granville


26/06/2016 - 19h20

Pantanal is one of the 10 places to visit in Brazil




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The website Momondo has selected 10 destinations to visit in Brazil before you die. As we could predict, the natural paradise known as Pantanal appears on the list.

Check out a piece about the biome that spreads from Mato Grosso to Mato Grosso do Sul:

"From the Chapada you can see the Pantanal plain, another attraction in the region, an unique ecosystem, therefore so amazing and fragile. 

Brasília (DF), Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO), Monte Roraima (RR), Inhotim and Brumadinho (MG) are also mentioned by Momondo.

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