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Alligator (Caiman latirostris)- Daniel de Granville
Jaguar - Daniel de Granville
Wolf (Cerdocyon thous) - Christian Dalgas Frisch
Vitória régia do Pantanal - Daniel de Granville
Negro River Pantanal Landscape - Daniel de Granville
Boat tour in the Pantanal - André Seale


24/07/2016 - 14h37

National destinations are highlighted in a TV show




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The channel Sony Entertainment Television started to broadcast on Saturdays the show "Campeões pelo Brasil".

The TV show shows different Olympic medalists visiting tourist attractions in Brazil.

"Brazil has a lot of variety and showing this on TV is a way to make people interested to know and rediscover the beauties in the country", says Márcio Nascimento, director of marketing for the Ministry of Tourism.

Pantanal is one of the sceneries for the first season of the show, which will have eight episodes with 22 minutes each.

Anavilhanas (AM), Búzios (RJ), Chapada dos Guimarães (MT), Curitiba (PR), Fernando de Noronha (PE), Ilhabela (SP), Ilha do Mel (PR), Manaus (AM), Natal (RN), Praia da Pipa (RN) and São Paulo (SP) are the other destinations in season 1.

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