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Boat tour in the Pantanal - André Seale
Ocelot - Leopardus pardalis - André Seale
Pantanal Flooded areas -  Daniel de Granville
Cabypara at Fazenda San Francisco - Roberta Coelho
Wolf (Cerdocyon thous) - Christian Dalgas Frisch
Negro River Pantanal Landscape - Daniel de Granville


24/07/2016 - 14h39

Camping in the Pantanal




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If you are an adventurous person you cannot miss the chance to camp in the Brazilian Pantanal.

The package offered by the Pantanal Trackers in north Pantanal will show the tourists the lifestyle of people in that region and allow them to see different animals along the river and woods.

"We pitch our tent on the land of a local family who lives on a river bank 2,5 hours by boat up river from Porto Jofre. It is a very isolated area, right in the jaguar`s territory. From here we`ll go on searching rides along the rivers and small channels", says the description.

For those who want more convenience and prefer a hotel over a tent, there is the possibility of staying in Porto Jofre hotel during the jaguar tour.

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