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Black Howler Monkey - Daniel de Granville
Cabypara at Fazenda San Francisco - Roberta Coelho
Toucan - André Seale
Vitória régia do Pantanal - Daniel de Granville
Boat tour in the Pantanal - André Seale
Alligator (Caiman latirostris)- Daniel de Granville



These are some of our activities on Fazenda Barranco Alto:

Riding: find the horse you always dreamed of! Our horses are working horses, they are well trained and there are plenty of them.

Birdwatching: even for non-birders this is an attractive activity because we have dozens of spectacular birds like macaws, parrots and raptors.

Open Vehicle Safari: enjoy the scenery and spot the wildlife from our comfortable custom-built Toyota Landcruiser.

Hiking: walk along with a guide or by yourself through forest, meadows and along the waters. A very recommended way of approaching closely to the wildlife.

Canoeing: paddle on the dark waters of the most pristine river in the Pantanal, the rio Negro. Meet giant otters, birds, capybaras and with some luck even jaguars, roughly 60% of the sightings are made from canoes in silence.

Boating: explore the river from a comfortable boat with swivel seats excellent for photography. We use silent electric engines and environment friendly Yamaha 15hp 4-stroke gas engines.

Fishing: success guaranteed even for beginners ! Try to catch a dorado, pacu or pintado. Catfishes, piranhas or cichlids, the water is full of fish. We also have fly-fishing tackle.

Campfires: after a long afternoon full of new sightings enjoy the delicious meals cooked on open fires, listen to local stories and sing under the stars.

Photography: only a few places on earth rival with the Pantanal in photography opportunities. Everywhere there is something from a tiny little velvet ant, over a hyacinth macaw to a roaring jaguar, breath-taking pictures are a certitude.
Several professional photographers like Olivier Grunewald or Art Wolfe and have chosen this place for some of their work.

Cattle mustering: since Fazenda Barranco Alto is still a functional and traditional organic beef cattle ranch, you will find real cowboys and real working-horses on their daily work. And if this is your interest, join the on a typical work.

Astronomy: hundreds of kilometers away from any bigger city, you will find an amazing detailed sky. See the milky-way in a brightness you have not seen before. See the zodiacal light, the gegenschein, Jupiter's moons and much more. We have good books, a Celestron C-8 telescope and appropriate computer software.


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