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Giant Anteater Pantanal- Daniel de Granville
Black Howler Monkey - Daniel de Granville
Pantanal Flooded areas -  Daniel de Granville
Ocelot - Leopardus pardalis - André Seale
Jaguar Negro River -Daniel de Granville
Caracara plancus - Challenging your dreams



The activities of the Caiman Ecological Refuge, located in Miranda, MS, begins early, when the day is coming, and always end with lunch and rest. The afternoon after the temperature drops a Rather, it is ideal for watching the sunset. For this, the Cayman offers following tours:

Night View: It lasts about an hour and a half. The nocturnal is performed in the same photo safari trucks. It is the perfect opportunity to observe the animals of the Pantanal in his nocturnal habits, as alligators and Cub Scouts.

Canadian Canoe Ride: It's held in the bays of the inns and Headquarters of Baiazinha`s lodge. Divided into three groups, guests can paddle their canoes Canadians contemplating vegetation and aquatic animals.

Photo Safari: The adapted vehicle allows access to the most distant from the farm, where the greatest treasures for photograph. You can also perform photographic safari in different Places of the farm, in order to better understand also the Pantanal.

Horseback riding: Horseback riding is the most traditional way of knowing Pantanal, reaching areas where you do not arrive on foot or by truck , as the flooded fields.

Walking Tour: Walking tour around the headquarters, visiting the barnyard, the schools, research centers, the Center for Environmental Interpretation and reaching the Paizinho`s bridge , which you can watch the alligators. It is the activity that provides more contact with the Pantanal, made in various trails of the Refuge.

Ride free with native guide: A longer ride to get to know and all aspects of the farm, where visitors can ride with more techniques and different rhythms.

Peäo`s Day: The experience of day-to-day a pawn wetland, performing choosing tasks and the troop saddle, lasso practice, among others. Lunch is taken in the classic "matula" and enjoyed close to pedestrians. After the deals of late, a tereré ends the adventure.

Bird Watching: Perfect for those who enjoy knowing and photographing rare bird species, as in the farm have been cataloged over 350 species. An expert guide accompanies the tourists and help make a checklist of birds observed.

Voadeira`s Boat ride on Aquidauana`s river: The boat called Voadeira crosses the farm from south to north, providing a photo safari with many photo opportunities and reaching the Rio Aquidauana. At the end of Afterwards, return expect a snack on the river bank. Currently it can also carry out a nocturnal.

Bike Ride: Cycling for roads or trails may Pantanal be very enjoyable, enjoying the silence of the activity. The circuits and distances vary depending on the preference of the tourists.

    Samuel Melim Samuel Melim Fernanda Mello 
Source: Divulgation Caiman




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