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Ocelot - Leopardus pardalis - André Seale
Negro River Pantanal Landscape - Daniel de Granville
Giant Anteater Pantanal- Daniel de Granville
Black Howler Monkey - Daniel de Granville
Cabypara at Fazenda San Francisco - Roberta Coelho
Pantanal Flooded areas -  Daniel de Granville



The tours offered by San Francisco Farm unite direct contact with nature, integration with the Pantanal and Cerrado ecosystems, and conservation and environmental education. Check out:

Photo Safari and Trail of Carandá: Specialized cars travel on roads between native forests of the Pantanal, from the rice fields to the breeding sites of cattle showing the diversity of the fauna and flora of the Pantanal. You can see alligators, tuiuiús (bird-symbol of the Pantanal), capybaras, and even the famous jaguar. After the safari you can enjoy the track suspended in the riparian forest and see the meeting of the rivers.

Piranha Fishing: Waling along an arm of the Rio Miranda, you can see birds such as hawks, fisherman, alligators, nutria and otters. You will also have the option to fish piranhas and visit the hundred-year-old fig tree, or in the dry season, June to October, hiking in the river beds.

Night Observation: Adventure and excitement in the observation of animals with nocturnal habits. The bright light that is used reflects in the eyes of animals that usually seek food during the night. Vehicles available for this tour are the Guará (up to 25 people), and the Jaguatirica (up to 11 people), both equipped with seats at different levels.

Hiking in the flooded Trails: The trail is a wooden footbridge over the area of the river(sometimes full, sometimes dry), in the farm's forest reserve. At the end there is a 10-foot-tall gazebo.

Riding in the Cerrado and the Pantanal: Horseback riding is the most common means of transport in the Pantanal region. All tame and trained to walk with those who have never ridden before, the horses are accompanied by a guide that shows and explains the habits of the Pantanal man.

Canoeing: You will paddle for about 7 km in a place full of piranhas and alligators. Perfect to closely observe animals like monkeys, capybaras and birds.

Cow Milking: A guide leads the group to the corral to watch the milking of dairy cows, at 4:30 a.m. in the morning. Upon returning, the tourists enjoy a breakfast typical of the Pantanal.

Barbecue Pantaneiro in the hills: a perfect choice to enjoy the night in the Pantanal, with roast beef served under an open sky on wooden tables, to the sound of chamamé, polka and vanerão (traditional instruments).



night observation san francisco photo safari pantanal
Credits: Carol Coelho/Heberton Alves/ Carol Coelho



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