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Vitória régia do Pantanal - Daniel de Granville
Toucan - André Seale
Caracara plancus - Challenging your dreams
Giant Anteater Pantanal- Daniel de Granville
Cabypara at Fazenda San Francisco - Roberta Coelho
Jaguar Negro River -Daniel de Granville



The Hotel and Farm Baía das Pedras offers many activities in order to let the visitant in contact with the nature. The activities are:

Horseback riding : Pantaneiro horses, raised at the Fazenda, are excellent for tours on the surrounding of the forests and drains as the Drain of Castelo. This place has the biggest concentration of trees and a lot of animals can find shelter and food all over. The Pantaneiro horses are rustic and completely adaptable to the wetlands, when the rain season starts (from November up to March) the horses have to look for food on the flooded areas. The people interested can follow the cowboys when they are doing their daily work and witness their talent roping and handling the cattle.

Canoeing:  The Fazenda has handcraft canoes made up of ximbuva wood (Enterolobium contortisiliqum) by people from Corumba, South Mato Grosso. The piranha fishing tours are on Guanandy bay, Baía das Pedras bay and drain of Castelo. Birds, caimans and mammals go frequently to the bays mainly in the early hours of the day and sunset. 

 Trekking:  Paths take visitors to special places like the macaw's landing area. There are paths like the bee's way and another one along the Drain of Castelo perfect for watching the sunset. Spotlight - A tour done at night, in a four-wheel-drive vehicle, can show the caimans and other night animals. Definitely it is a special way to watch and listen to the sounds of the Pantanal. 

Photographic Safari : It joins two passions, photography and observation of animals and flora. All these on tours around the fields over a four wheel drive vehicle.

Tereré Circle and talking: As all the good Fazenda Pantaneira we have a traditional tereré (typical cold beverage.) circle with a lot of chitty chatting at the barn. It's a great opportunity to learn the Brazilian cowboy's culture.



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Source: Baia das Pedras Farm


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