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Jaguar Negro River -Daniel de Granville
Toucan - André Seale
Jaguar - Daniel de Granville
Alligator (Caiman latirostris)- Daniel de Granville
Black Howler Monkey - Daniel de Granville
Ocelot - Leopardus pardalis - André Seale



Aguapé Lodge, translates to English as the Waterlily Inn. The Inn offers guests activities throughout the day. The tours allow visitors to connect with nature, with wilidlife and with Pantanal man. The following tours can be done at the inn:

Horse riding: Riding on trails through unique landscapes, the visitor will experience the beauty of the Pantanal. On the tour, using tame horses and led by experienced guides, visitors travel through swamps, open fields, ridges, corixos and stalls, which reveals to the guests the variety of the regional fauna and flora.

Boat trip: This tour allows the visitor to experience the river Aquidauana and all of the exuberance of the surrounding forest with its old trees, rare birds, mammals and reptiles.

Walking: walks take place in the open fields, as well as the closed forests and the forest surrounding the river bank, giving visitors the opportunity to have close contact with animals and plants of the region.

Piranha Fishing: The fishing takes place in a bay of Rio Aquidauana, near the headquarters of the farm. Piranha is used mainly to make Piranha Broth, a typical dish of the region, and also serves as food for the alligators.

Safari: The ride is done in a specially equipped car, adapted to access otherwise unreachable areas. The open vehicle allows broad views of the landscape, which presents a high diversity of regional flora and fauna.

Nocturnal Observation: Done in the evening, by car or boat, using a spotlight, it is possible to see animals of nocturnal habits and the starry sky of the Pantanal.

Carriage Ride: Another option for those who want to see the paths taken on horseback. In addition to comfort, the silence is the advantage of this mode of transport.

Pantaneiro for one day: Here the visitor can learn more about daily life in the Pantanal and have contact with the customs and habits of the region. The high point is the cattle herding, in which visitors can participate safely.

Birdwatching: The tour is conducted with specialized guides, where you can see and photograph the more than 600 species already listed in the area.


aguape safari walking 
Source: Bruno Brack/Archive lodge



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