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The Xaraes Lodge offers activities in contact to the nature to the visitors. The tours are:

Canadian canoe trips: with this type of canoeing you can explore aquatic environments in a very silent way, enabling not only the observation of the wild life but also proportioning the appreciation of the sounds of nature.

Trips in outboard motor boats: the boat in the Abobral river, that last from 1h 30 min to 3 hrs, give one acess to countryside of a wonderful beauty that is the habitat of a large number of species of birds, mammals and reptiles that can be seen there, such as king fishers, trogons, herons, capivaras, brazilian otters, alligators, iguanas amongst many others.

Horse riding: the horse is the best way of truly getting to know the Pantanal. On these trips, always accompained by bilingual specialized guides and local guides, the pantal horse is adapted to the adverse conditions of the region.

Trail walking: this is an activity that allows the contemplation of the axilary forest, the ridges (in the Pantanal) and the cerrado wood lands. There is also the chance of seeing animals that live here, and for this, the silence is fundamental.

Nocturnal spotlight: activity done at night and the object of which is to find nocturnal animals such as anteaters, foxes, capivaras, etc

Photographic safaris: this is a very common trip in the Pantanal, done in a 4X4 vehicle. Because of the distances involved in the ranches here, this is the best way of getting to the more remote areas. In this tour, the visitant can take pictures of the animals, of the birds, of the nature.

Horse cart trip: the carts pulled by horses are nice, silent, confortable vehicles, traditional in the Pantanal, very good for short trips and nature observation.

Catch and release fish: fishing in the Abobral river is only permitted in the catch and release mode for ecological reasons, where you free the fish you catch preserving its life. The most common species are Pintado (catfish), Pacu, Bagre, Piranha and Dourado.



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Source: The Xaraes Lodge


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