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Jaguar Negro River -Daniel de Granville
Vitória régia do Pantanal - Daniel de Granville
Negro River Pantanal Landscape - Daniel de Granville
Caracara plancus - Challenging your dreams
Ocelot - Leopardus pardalis - André Seale
Wolf (Cerdocyon thous) - Christian Dalgas Frisch



Monteiros Lodge offers to the visitants many kinds of tours. The activities are:

Horseback rides: The Pantaneiro horse isn´t only for cattle ranching but a delicious way of exploring the different sceneries.It´s pantaneiro culture to line up the horses in a row so that you can choose which you prefer. We have different horse treks at São Roque and São João fazendas or even to other neighbouring Pousadas.

Boat Ride: Boat rides are on the Correntoso river, an arm of Rio Negro forming a delta that runs through swampland, a wildlife sanctuaryone of the most beautiful Pantanal sceneries.On the margins of the Correntoso river egretts of the region have chosen for their sleeping place, it´s a spectacular sight that gathers thousands of them on one grove.

Photographic Safari: Photograpfic Safari is done in a 4x4 vehicle with comfortable seats and a sun screen, going through various sceneries. Most frequently seen animals are: Ant-eater Lesser ant eater Armadillo Wolf Quati Wild pig Capybara Swamp deer Red deer Mateiro deer Black howler Giant otter Alligator Lizard Tapir Most frequently seen birds: Rhea Seriema Cormorant Heron Egret Tigered heron Wood stork Jabiru stork Buff necked Ibis Roseate spoonbill Southern screamer Tree duck Hawk Chaco Chacalata Wood rail Jacana Southern lapwing Dove Macaw Parrot Parakeet Cuckoo Owl King fisher Toucan Wood pecker Hornero Kiskadee Mockingbird.

Kayaking: São Roque and São João fazendas have ranching as main activity, from breeding to fattening steers of Nelore and Brangus breed. You may help changing cattle from a pasture to another, cure, castrate or vaccinate calves depending on the season.

Scenryc Flights: We offer the scenryc flight in our private plane (182 Cesnna Skylane), or rental plane. It is a privilege to flight over the Pantanal, this way you get a fine overview and understanding of the water system.

Motorcycle Ride: We have exclusive options for motorcycle riders to appreciate different sceneries in a real adventure. You will ride in roads  down the Maracajú range where only motorbikes can travel-the most beautiful sceneries, going through river Aquidauana canyon.


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Source: Monteiros Lodge




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