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Location: how to get to the Pantanal, MS, Brazil!

The Pantanal has two thirds of its area occupied by wetlands. The touristic towns in the Pantanal are Aquidauana, Miranda, Porto Murtinho and Corumbá. The latter has an airport, where depart and arrive flights from Airline Trip.

The main airport in Mato Grosso do Sul is in Campo Grande, it receives daily flights from major cities like São Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro. From Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, also arrive and depart regular buses to the touristic cities in the Pantanal.

As for those visiting the North Pantanal, the main access is through the capital Cuiabá, which also receives daily and regular flights from major cities.

How to visit - The best way to enjoy the riches of the Pantanal is to stay in a ranch hotel. With accommodation basic but comfortable, the staff - and often even family owned - provide a friendly service, nothing that resembles the impersonality of larger hotels. It is them who tell the local tales and prepare delicious homemade food. All ranches also offer tour options, such as safari, 4X4, horseback riding, birdwatching. You can see the list of the ranchs here.

South Pantanal (Pantanal of MS state) - Getting there:

By Car - BR-262 connects Campo Grande to Corumba through Aquidauana and Miranda. Murtinho port is on the border with Paraguay, with access by Miranda.

By plane - International Commercial flights arrive to São Paulo (Guarulhos Airport) and Rio de Janeiro (Galeão Airport). The airlines Azul, TAM and Gol have domestic flights from São Paulo to Campo Grande. For those coming by plane, arriving in Campo Grande, you have to book a private transfer, which can be scheduled with the inns and local agencies, or even rent a car. You can also catch a bus at the bus station.

In flood season - Before taking a trip to one of the farm hotels in the Pantanal it is necessary to check road conditions, since most of them are often flooded during the rainy season, from October to May.

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