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Jaguar Negro River -Daniel de Granville
Vitória régia do Pantanal - Daniel de Granville
Boat tour in the Pantanal - André Seale
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Ocelot - Leopardus pardalis - André Seale
Jaguar - Daniel de Granville


If you are interested in learning about the flora and fauna of the Pantanal, you can choose several options to do so. Many companies in the region offer tours allowing nature approach.

It can be through walking, horseback riding, night time observation, livestock management, animal and bird watching, boating and buggy trip, canoeing, recreational and sport fishing and photographic safaris.Those activities provide a unique experience in the region.

To enjoy what Pantanal offers is necessary to pay attention to the seasons.

Know the reasons:

Summer: in January, the flood season begins. The Pantanal rivers rise about 5 meters above its normal level, reaching the treetops. A good time for boating.

Autumn: in April, the tour is covered by a vast sea of ​​fresh water. It don't rain, but thre is total isolation of some farms in the region: you can't even come by plane. River levels come down in May, when the waters begin to evaporate and seep.

Winter: the water that does not drain is trapped in ponds that form in the lower plains. It is around them that animals accumulate in search of food. Sighting them, thus, is much easier in this transition period between the rainy and dry season, from June to September. In August, ipês (beautiful Pantanal's tress) bloom and birds make their nests.

Spring: dry season, with few perennial rivers and ponds. In the fields, the nutrients left make food to fauna and flora for the rest of the year. The first rains arrive in November. (with information from Portal Viagem na Natureza - "Travel in Nature Portal)

What to bring: insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, cap, raincoat, flashlight, binoculars, photographic camera, light and functional clothes (jeans, shirts with long sleeves - to protect from mosquitos), shorts, t-shirts, shoes, boots and coats (because it can be chill during the night).

Here are a few tour options in the Pantanal. Check out:

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